Let’s talk Christmas… Yes, I know we are still enjoying hot sunny days and warm lazy summer evenings. However, Christmas can be expensive and we need to face this beast head on.

1) Give the gift of ‘no gift’….seriously this is a thing! We all have someone that we buy for because they buy for us….sack it off (pardon the pun). You will be doing them a favour, I promise.

2) Nail the list! Be brutal and only buy for the people you want to. No obligatory gifts this year! Savage? Ok I know it’s not the Hunger Games but it’s your dollar and you can only spend it once!

3) Secret Santa. We have all used this idea for work but roll it out to friendship groups (if you haven’t used tips 1 & 2). Introduce the idea within the wider family too. Set a spend limit and stick to it.

4) Budget. Work out what you can spend on a gift and stick to it. Over indulging can create embarrassment for the recipient. Thrifty gift ideas are Pothangers, Vases, Plaques and start from as little as £5.49.

5) Extras. Whilst we all enjoy ‘tablescaping’ on Christmas Day, reign it in. It’s not an essential part of the day and seriously the aesthetics won’t make or break your Christmas.

6) Christmas Decor. Lights and LED always look beautiful and aren’t expensive. White Ceramics are perfect as they compliment any room decor and can last for years. Visit your local woods and find branches for a rustic look. Growing up my Grandad used to spray a branch white and we spent hours decorating it. Children love that kind of thing (bonus… memories are priceless)

7) Share. Share the cost of Christmas Day ie someone buys the turkey, someone else buys deserts… you catch the drift.

8) Spread. Spread the cost between now and the ‘big day’ maybe buy a gift or two a month.

9)Time. A bit clique but giving the gift of time. A promise to babysit, go movies, do some gardening or something like that.

10)Discount Codes. Hunt those bad boys down and thrash the life out of them. Lots of sites use them now. Do we? Not usually but here’s one just for you. Use LISA15 (apply at checkout) for a whopping 15% discount across our website www.beautifulgiftsandthings.com (applicable on all products and orders over the value of £25 ends 1.09.22)

Remember, In reality this ‘perfect Christmas’ is just a myth perpetuated by the media and movies. In real life….its about who is around the table not what’s on the table. Most people won’t remember in 5 years what gift you bought them but they will remember the memories and the times you spent together.

Seriously, cut yourself some slack! Incidentally….kindness is free.

You’re Welcome

Lisa x


Updated: Aug 6

Refresh Your Kitchen On A Budget
5 Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen on a Budget

At a time where budget is everything, there are still ways to create a room you love without breaking the bank. The kitchen is the most used room in the house. Some cook in it, some drink coffee in it, some socialise in it and some just take photos in it! Whatever you do, make it your own and here are 5 budget friendly ideas, that won’t break the bank….

1) Paint the tiles. There is a lot of different tile paints around now and they can cost effectively change the vibe on your kitchen quickly.

2) Vinyl the worktops. Many shops offer a worktop vinyl at various qualities to suit all budgets.

3) Home Decor. You do add kitchen home decor right? Create the ‘look’ you desire with the addition of kitchen home decor. By adding subtle touches you can enhance your preferred look. Quirky Vase? Country Style Jars? Chopping Board?

4) Shelves. Such a must have and so versatile. They can provide additional room in your kitchen but without the ‘cluttered look’. Add cook/bakeware or seasonal home decor to suit.

5) Feeling Brave? This one isn’t for everyone but…..Painting your kitchen cupboards….yes really. I’ve seen this beautifully done by absolute amateurs. Many paints are now on the market that are suitable for this purpose. One that seems popular is Frenchic (not an ad). The paint is self levelling and Frenchic offer a wide range of colours, definitely worth a look.

Hope one of these tips help (or maybe all). Good luck

Lisa Vann - Owner of www.beautifulgiftsandthings.com

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